How to Rule DragonVale’s Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the most exciting aspects of DragonVale. After reaching level 10, you can purchase the Colosseum from the Market. This distinct building is your entry to a fierce dragon competition.

Each competition lasts 24 hours.

Elements of the Colosseum

The Colosseum hosts different events after every 24 hours. These events are element-based. Check the element of the day written in bold at the top of the Colosseum. Here’s the order in which these events are rotated based on elements –

  1. Plant
  2. Fire
  3. Earth
  4. Metal
  5. Light
  6. Dark
  7. Air
  8. Cold
  9. Lightning
  10. Water

Your dragon must match the element of the day in order to compete in the daily Colosseum challenge. Remember, once you enter a dragon to compete in the Colosseum, it cannot be retrieved before 24 hours, not even by using gemstones. but you can always use dragonvale hack apk for them to use the game with any possibilities.

The dragon you choose to compete in the Colosseum will not get habitat XP or DragonCash earnings for the rest of the day. However, even bigger prizes may be waiting at the end of the competition.


What you win depends on how compatible the dragon is to the race track. Based on your rankings, you can get the

  1. Gold Trophy – Five Gems, 10% increase in XP, and all of the nominated dragon’s habitat income for the day.
  2. Silver Trophy – Two Gems, 5% increase in XP, 50% of the of the nominated dragon’s habitat income for the day.
  3. Bronze Trophy – No Gems, no XP increase, and only 25% of the nominated dragon’s habitat income for the day.

Although there’s no guarantee of Gold Trophies, once you cross level thirty and in your arsenal is a diverse range of unique dragons, you can expect to win top spot almost every day. Keep competing in the Colosseum every day to level up as quickly as possible!

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