Game of Thrones Conquest - Overview

Game of Thrones Conquest is an outstanding option for battle admirers and those crazy over combat simulators such as Clash of Clans. In fact, I’d not be surprised to hold GoT: Conquest as a brilliant and more expensive CoC substitute.

But before trying out GoT: Conquest, you may be wondering about the various wonders of the game. Therefore, let’s seek out an extensive and in-depth review of GoT Conquest in order to fulfil all our queries.

Game of Thrones Conquest GAMEPLAY:

Much alike CoC, the game has really smooth and simple gameplay. What I found interesting was that in GoT: Conquest, there’s more of creative speculation of a battle. In simple words, it fantasizes battles a lot better than CoC.

The wide variety of troops in Infantry, Cavalry, Range and Siege, startles me to another level. As you progress into the game, you can collect all such troops gradually, and end up as a master of battles.

You also have an option to upgrade your territory’s components such as the City Hall, Academy, Barracks, etc. As you refurbish your buildings, you get skill points and that increases your overall rating in the game, thus levelling you up after reaching certain milestones of such points.

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As every such game consists of, this too has various in-game resources: food, stones, wood and gold. Also, you can collect various other resources from your quests such as copper and black iron, which are normally utilized in upgrading your weaponry and armours.

Although collecting enough resources is not too an easy task, but with the right combination of steps, you can do that with a lot of ease. There are various straightforward methods such as completing Daily Tasks and claiming Daily Rewards, which can be incorporated in order to earn a bunch of coins and other resources every day.

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A beginner in any game is mostly concerned about 2 queries – (i) whether the game is completely free-to-play; and (ii) what is the minimum time to be given to it for becoming a pro. So let’s dig into these queries from the point of view of an absolute beginner in GoT Conquest.

(i) Coming to the very first topic, I’d like to say yes, the game is totally free to play, and you can keep playing it for decades without taking a single penny out of your pocket. Although there are numerous in-game purchases that can also be made through real money. But who wants to let the developers rip them off with the expensive items.

(ii) On the other hand, I’d suggest you play the game yourself, and try to find out how much time and dedication do you need to provide in order to excel in it. Everybody has a different set of skills and expertise, and especially for the people who’ve had played CoC before, I’d say they can surely ace this game with just a few days of hard work.

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