General Guide About Currencies Used In Choices: Stories You Play

Choices: Stories You Play is a free game available on the Google app store and also on I-stores. There are lots of stories available in this game that one can choose for making romance, enjoy, solving mysteries.

The game provides various stories option to its users. Such latest stories are coming up during these days are:-

  • The Freshman
  • The Crown And The Flame
  • Perfect Match
  • BloodBound
  • High School Story

But for choosing the dress-up material and when need to select the items, favorite characters, and stories, one need to make a purchase.

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For making the purchase of game material and stories, one needs to know about different currencies used.

  1. Keys
  2. Diamonds

Keys are the necessary type of currency for unlocking various types of new stories. Or we can say that with the help of keys one can enjoy more stories. One can purchase the keys from the source of the game downloaded. Always try to read terms and conditions before making any purchase, with that you can save your money. Or one can also earn keys by taking participate in the quests and events. It depends upon the player whether to go with purchasing option or go with taking participate in events or using some legit choices cheats to do the same.

Diamonds are considered as a necessary type of currency for playing the Choices Game. For unlocking any story or giving a unique looks to Avatar one need to earn more diamonds. It is tough to obtain the diamonds as one can get it with daily log-in, rewards or purchase it from stores.

All know that currencies are the crucial part of every game as without it one cannot play the game. For making premiums purchase one need to choose different currency according to the game type and policies.

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