Everything To Know About Different Currencies Used In Episodes: Choose Your Story

A story-based game which allows more players to create their own exciting move in the story is Episode: Choose Your Story. The game includes some age restrictions because such stories contain *harmful sexual* content.

One needs to choose the right story according to type and facts. It helps them to create the story perfect and improve real-life skills. The game runs on both iOS and Android devices for free!

It means you don’t want to spend any money to play the game and to reduce the stress.

To play the game every moment contains some currencies for going forward. In simple words, we can say that you need to earn some currencies using several episode hack and cheats to represent the stories as without it stories cannot be unlocked.

Mainly two types of currencies are used to play the game and to do various actions i.e.

  • Gems
  • Passes


Gems are considered as the primary and main currency of the game to perform the actions. For many decisions and help one need to use gem.

It allows them to play the unlocked story wisely and smoothly. If we talk about how to earn this currency?

Then there is no need to worry more as one can quickly obtain them by watching free ads and by completing daily tasks.

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Passes is also considered as crucial currency of the game as without it one cannot unlock various stories. In simple words, we can say that passes are used to play and unlock more stories to enjoy more.

One doesn’t need to panic more! As it can be earned after four hours.

One needs to use this currency carefully as it is crucial to maintain the passes to unlock the favorite story.

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