Everwing Tips and Tricks for You to Get Benefits

Everwing Tricks and Cheats

If you are playing Everwing game, then you must know pro tips to progress in the game faster. The game may become frustrated for those users who don’t know how to play the game.

Well, there are lots of challenging missions; levels are added in the game for providing more fun to players.

Both modes are available in the game either to play solo or with different friends/multiplayer mode. Having some tips to succeed in the game allows you to enjoy more besides reducing all mental stress.

Paying attention to forthcoming content helps you to grab more advantage.

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Go for upgrades

Different upgrades for guardians are available in Everwing game which helps to make them stronger. If you don’t have enough in-game currencies to purchase new dragon eggs, try to upgrade your guardians.

It helps you to make them stronger enough to win every single battle besides defeat all enemies quickly.

Use the magnet

Try to collect the magnet which monsters drop in the battlefield.  The magnet is your best friend as it contains the ability to pull all coins, gems, trophies, rewards, power-ups towards the guardians.

In other words, it helps you to collect all necessary items which can be earned in battles. Instead of getting killed by enemies try to grab the advantage of this everwing hack as the magnets help you without paying any cost.

Lily can make you rich

Lily is considered as a best money-making machine, either you is a newbie or an old player. Lily has the power to double the coins and gems you collect in a solo, quest, or multiplayer mode.

When it comes to double up in-game currencies; lily is the best fairy. So every user must unlock lily as soon as possible because it may provide more benefits.

Lily may be a bit pricey but offers lots of advantages while playing the game.

Train dragon

Dragons may be a bit stronger to win the missions quickly, but users need to train them more. Train your dragons up to level 29th as after that you can sell them at higher rates.

It may be a game-changer for those players who need to progress in the game faster by earning lots of coins. The best way to train your dragons is to send them to different quests.

Different kinds of quests you can find in Everwing game to complete. Also completing each type of search may offer essential rewards, in-game currencies as well as other items. The awards may be listed as-

  • Dragon eggs
  • Coins
  • Trophies
  • Guardians
  • Upgrades
  • Gems

Keeping the rewards in minds, it’s the best time to train your dragons and make them upgrade enough to play the game smoothly.

Challenge your friends

Playing challenging missions by inviting friends to play with you can be the best idea to grab more advantage.

Just beat your friends in different bosses or battles and score higher. It helps you to earn in-game currencies as well as can succeed in Everwing game.

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