Essential Tips And Tricks For Mario Kart Tour


Mario Kart Tour is a fantastic racing game where you can go to a world tour with friends and Mario characters. The game is launched for Android and iOS devices.

The tracks of the racing games are based on real cities of the world so that players can experience real-world racings. Tons of fantastic tracks, missions, modes, rewards added in the game that players can enjoy perfectly.

Also, exciting 3D graphics, features, functions permit users to enjoy the Mario Kart Tour game more.

Players don’t need to pay charges or costs for playing the superb game as Nintendo freely offered it. Playing the game efficiently helps players to explore endless entertainment besides reduce mental stress quickly.

Players can choose their favorite character to perform every single task besides can win an array of cool prizes. There is a super incredible frenzy mode available in which you can participate for more benefits.

Well, here we are going to mention some master mario kart hacks and tips for beginners to grab additional bonuses.

  • Items

Hundreds of fantastic things available in Mario Kart Tour game that permits you to play smoothly besides explore more fun. Beginners are suggested to collect all items in a more massive amount for succeeding faster.

They can easily manage items with the help of in game currencies or when playing races. Earning more stars by winning races allow gamers to purchase a different kind of items.

Make sure that you collect the essentials first, such as- drivers, karts, gliders, badges, and so on. So, try to collect more in-game items as well as currencies to go far quickly.

  • Bonus Challenge

Different kinds of bonus challenges are there in the Mario Kart Tour game that you need to complete. Completing or winning each challenge offers an array of benefits, rewards, prizes as well as cool bonuses.

It allows beginners to progress efficiently besides learn everything about the game. When it comes to gain more rewards or understand every single feature, players always go to complete this task.

  • Drifts

You can drift in races anytime and at any speed. Doing drifts correctly helps you to slide up at number one place faster. In other words, it allows users to maintain speed accurately without losing it on tracks.

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Maintaining momentum and doing drifts will enable gamers to win more quickly as soon as possible, like no one another can. Try to get victory faster in order to become the master player ever.

  • Role Of Performance Points

At the end of each task’s players are offered gold coins as per their performance points. Different scores or points are provided as per their performance.

The high number of performance points means a high number of gold coins. So, try to play better for gaining more currencies or points as compared to other players.

  • Connect With Facebook

For collecting a certain amount of in-game currencies in earlier stages, try to connect the game account with Facebook. Not only it helps you to gain in-game currencies, but it also helps to have a better kick start to Mario Kart Tour game.

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