Cheats And Tricks For Getting Free Currencies In “Moviestarplanet” – Mobile Game

There are mainly two types of currencies used in Moviestarplanet for achieving various items. The game includes multiple roles of movies stars in which a child needs to play and dress up the things. It is considered a fascinating game for many children’s as from that they can also improve their real-life skills. Two types of currencies are:-

  • Coins
  • Diamonds

These currencies are used to buy various things like:-

  1. Best clothes
  2. Hairs
  3. Body accessories
  4. Props
  5. New animations for the movies

Here we talk about cheats for winning star coins and diamonds used in-game without spending any cent.

Daily rewards

When one child login per day he/she gets a regular reward coin. Always try to log in every day for collecting more coins. It is not compulsory to play the game every hour to collect the coin, as by logging in they can earn at least one coin.

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Spin wheel

There is a silver spin wheel available which helps to win one reward from many items. Daily you can achieve different single item depends upon your luck. Free players can spin the wheel once per day but the premium players can spin it two times a day.

There is a single option available for free users to spin the when again and, i.e. one diamond. You need to spend one diamond for achieving a unique reward.

Complete quests and events

In this method, one needs to complete various regular quests to earn more currency. Quests can come in different forms which varies about 15-20 min. In that time you can quickly achieve many quests to earn star coins.

Watch free ads

Sometimes there is an option available for watching free ads or movies. Those ads vary from 1-3 minutes which helps a user to collect individual coins. So when you can see the ads try to collect the specific amount.

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