Call Of Duty Mobile – Essential Tips Beginners Should Follow To Reach Advanced Stages!!!

call of duty mobile tips

Call of Duty Mobile is the new mobile title developed by TiMi studios for android as well as iOS devices. First of all, you should download this game, and then you can play it to get unlimited fun and enjoyment.

It is a first-person shooter game that also Includes the battle royale elements. Before start playing this game, you should learn its basic rules.

You should also consider some beneficial tips and tricks to achieve a better position in the game quickly. In this game, you will find various types of game modes as well as other amazing features.

Try to make a plan and then start playing the game in a better way. Never ignore the essential tips provided by experts because these tips can also help you to attain your desired goals in no time.

With the help of implementing some tips while playing the game, you can reach the advanced stages quickly and get some additional benefits.

Upgrade your weapons

The importance of weapons shouldn’t be ignored while playing Call of Duty. In this game, weapons have great importance that you need to take into account wisely.

It is important to upgrade weapons properly to enhance your performance in the game. When you upgrade your weapons and abilities in the game, then it helps to get several benefits.

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With the help of improved weapons, you can do more damages. When it comes to upgrading weapons, then you will get three different types of XP cards such as green, blue as well as purple. After upgrading the weapons, you can unlock attachment slots and other add ons.

COD points are another premium way to upgrade to the best of the best weapons when it comes to dominate the game. Learn how to earn cod points in the game and implement those methods to get your dreamed weapon.

Try to learn the maps

If you are new to Call of Duty, then you should understand all the important aspects related to the game. Players should also learn the maps carefully to play the game in an easy manner.

Most of the beginners don’t have an idea about the matches. If you are also one of them, then you should always start learning the matches, and then you can move forward to the other steps. Learn the maps carefully and then use some tips while playing the game.

With the help of knowing the maps perfectly, you can play the game in an easy manner. In addition to this, you can also rack up kills and destroy the competition. You can also explore the maps \by doing practice on a daily basis.

Always use headphones

Beginners never understand the right things that they should do while playing the game like Call of Duty. If you are also playing this game, then you should always make use of headphones. With the help of this, you can easily notice the sound of the footsteps of your enemies.

You can also listen to the shot when someone fires a gun. It is a smart tip that every player should follow to reduce the risks related to attacks of enemies. With the help of this, you can also get various advantages.

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