Basic Place Settings Is Simple In Roblox Game


When you want to represent all the contents in your place that you created in Roblox accurately, you will need to add or edit some of the basic information of the place.

Such basic information includes name, genre, and descriptions which have to be checked nicely before uploading it to the site. All this is necessary for letting other players know what they are going to expect and experience.

This helps them to decide whether or not the awesome place that you think you have created is awesome and worth visiting and playing it. Al this is simplified with the features of the game, and for it, you do not require the roblox hack tool even.

Locate And Change Settings

You have to first start with locating the configuration page if you want to change the basic settings by adding or editing the name, genre, and description.

  • Click on the Develop button which is at the top of the screen so that you can find the place you want to configure.
  • Once you are there, you will now have to click on the gear icon first, which is on the right side of the place name and ten clicks on configure.
  • Make the changes in the corresponding boxes for names and descriptions. The genre can be changed through the pull-down menu.

Take Help From Tutorials

There are a lot of intuitive tutorials that will help you throughout the roblox game building as well as the scripting process.

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  • You can go to several websites as well which will provide you with answers to almost all of your questions.
  • You can also get help about scripting in the game of Roblox through Intro to Scripting and Online Scripting Book.
  • You will also get some highly informative tutorial videos which will be of immense help to you when you are playing the game for the first time.

Use The Forum

When you have a question which cannot be satisfied by the Roblox tutorials and videos, you can take help of the forum in such situations.

  • The forum consists of some of the best builders, developers, and scripters who have an answer to any question and solution to any problems.
  • If you want help for designing specifically, then you can go to the Game Design Forum for the necessary help.
  • When you have problems with scripting, then you can go to the Scripters Forum for help.

Rules Of Conduct

There are certain rules of conduct in the game that you should always follow so that you are not debarred from the game, temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity of the breach. Therefore all your contents, name, and descriptions, text messages and scripts should no contain anything inappropriate to violate the conduct.

The moderators are always active and scan all your contents and messages, images and audio files before uploading and even delete anything which is inappropriate. Therefore, it is not only the roblox free robux that you should care for, but it is also important to follow the guidelines of the game.

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